December 14 - 22, 2012

Curated by Anthony Haden-Guest


Betty Beaumont

Nin Brudermann

Molly Crabapple

Martha Colburn

Adam Dant

Gregory Green

Naroa LIzar

Liz Magic Laser

Lucia Love

Marjan Moghaddam

Alexandra Penney

Bill Plympton

James Romberger

Blake Sandberg


Ulrike Theusner 


Press Release



AgitPOP, Installation View at Guided by Invoices












Naroa Lizar, 59 Days, 2012

single channel video










Liz Magic Laser, The Digital Face, 2012

performance and two channel video










Bill Plympton, Push Comes to Shove, 1991










Betty Beaumont, Camoflaged Cells, Asuza, CA (Faux palm), 2004

chromogenic print

42.5 x 30 inches










Martha Colburn, Join the Freedom Force, 2009

16 mm video












James Romburger, The Dog Man, 1988

pastel on paper

45 x 55 inches









Adam Dant, The Office, 2011

ink and watercolor on paper

20 x 15 inches









Alexandra Penney,Foreclosures North and South #2, 2012

archival pigment print

23 x 28 inches









Molly Crabapple, The Great American Bubble Machine, 2012

acrylic on wood panel

48 x 72 inches












Nin Brudermann, Aurelio Z: The Game, 2006

mixed media











Betty Beaumont, Arab Voices, 2012
Archival pigment ink on archival paper

12 x 15 inches (4)












Marjan Moghaddam, David and Goliath, 2012











Stik, (Upholding) Liberty, 2012

cotton appliqué
144 x 48 inches